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          polysorb polymers roquette
          Marketing & Communications

          Innovate From Nature with POLYSORB? – the High Purity Isosorbide

          lca life cycle assessment
          LCA Production Process

          LCA Reseach Reveals Sustainability Hotspots in Bio-Chemical Production

          bioplastics india
          Biodegradation & Compostation

          Is Plastic Biodegradable? Myths and Facts on Biodegradable Plastic

          EU Politics & Legislation

          The Green Deal Investment Plan and Transition Mechanism

          Christophe Doukhi de Boissoudy, pre?sident du Club Bio-plastiques,
          People and Leaders Plastic Bans Politics & Legislation

          Interview with CEO Novamont France

          castor oil bioplastics
          Textiles, Fashion, Sports and Footwear

          Castor Oil Bioplastics in Sports Equipment

          valia stora enso biocomposites food packaging
          Joint Venture & Partnerships Packaging

          Valio and Stora Enso Test Biocomposite in Food Packaging

          countdown plastic bag alternative
          Australia & New Zealand Shopping Bags

          New Zealand Retailer Finds Alternative to Shopping Bags

          chemical recycling
          Australia & New Zealand Chemical Recycling Joint Venture & Partnerships

          Licella and BioLogiQ Go For Chemical Recycling in Australia

          snack food bioplastics
          Consumer Trends Packaging

          Demand for Sustainable Packaging Tests Snack Makers Flexibility